Field Notes

Who would not like a new Field Notes notebook!  Color and design is such a reminder of my Dad and his field notes he carried that the farm equipment and suppliers gave out to the farmers - FREE!

Rifle Paper Co. 17 month planners

Just arrived lovely Rifle 17 month planners - August 2017 through December 2018.

Sacredbee Greeting Cards

Pamela Zagarensky has a gift and at the pickle we are happy to share the gift.

Marnye Woodrum is designing and making pencil pouches for the pickle!  Many pencil pouches are just not long/wide enough to accommodate the longer pencils eg. Palomino,  but Marnye has made sure the pouch can hold several Palomino Blackwing Pencils without a problem!  Of course, no two alike using Slow Stitch and other embellishments to make each pouch real special for your real special pencils!

Ink Meets Paper -

Letterpressed designs on amazing paper stock.  Correspondence flat cards with mataching design on envelopes - box of 8 with fine colored edges.  I LOVE this company!

Viarco Pencils!

Boxes of red Viarco pencils from Portugal arrived at the pickle yesterday along with others!  Viarco pencil company may be the smallest pencil making company in the world having been making pencils since 1907!